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Just like that.

kite2.jpgA friend of mine shared with me his experience last weekend and I was touched by the depth of its simplicity.

He was walking down the boulevard and saw a man trying to fly a kite in the rain. He told himself that this man was attempting something that is impossible because the rain will definitely weigh the kite down. He was utterly amazed at the man’s persistence – sending his reflective soul to search for a deeper meaning.

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Walking away

capahasunset.jpgSome people will walk away from our lives either because we want them to or the other way around. I have had friends walk in and out of my door and although goodbye is always painful – some felt good and liberating after a while. Sometimes you get yourself into an agreement, which seemed to work fine at first but in the long run becomes restricting and destructive.

We all go into a rut in our lives… maybe some of us go through it more frequently than what is deemed normal. And as we go through this phase, there will always be people who will consistently support us and there will always be those who will give up on us too. Be thankful for those who stayed… and just the same, be thankful for those who left. They are only humans – they get tired too. Don’t diss them for leaving you. After all, you have had your moments. Maybe, it is just time for them to leave. Maybe too, it is time for you to grow on your own. And keep in mind that fairytales don’t always have a happy ending.


dsc05142.jpgLife is very difficult for me lately. I am now listening to a lot of angry songs. I am just angry with LIFE!!! Nope don’t get me wrong. I may be angry but I still am thankful. Isn’t that crazy? See… I’m going through a phase and I understand that this situation is difficult to understand. It is just that… there a lot of things happening that is frustratingly beyond my control and it makes me angry! I get angry when I lose control of my life… when my destiny is in the hands of other people! I feel like crying but I won’t. I simply refuse to cry!!! I simply refuse to give up! Because it may seem like my fate is in hands of others but truth is… God is in control. As always.

Okay, where’s the wine? Let’s chill!

There’s wine in my cup!


Instead of my usual cup of coffee, I went ahead and poured me a glass of chianti at 6:25am today. The occasion? I am celebrating “Father’s Day” in advance. My papa just recovered from a mini-stroke and I am thankful to God that he is okay. Thankful that both papa and mama are okay. Thankful that we are okay. I am chatting with him now. Brb.



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