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A child in us.


I love amusement parks! Even as a lil kid, I was always at the “peryahan” during the city fiestas, betting my meager coins on roulettes, dice, bingo, and the likes. I love circuses too. I even considered working in a circus before and a friend of mine exclaimed: “What? And be the bearded lady?!” See… I love the stage even if I am just in the background. A performance makes my adrenalin pump like crazy – similar to the euphoria felt by a person in love.

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My ME time

robin-2.jpgThe streaks of light through my Venetian blinds woke me up from a sound sleep. I stretched my half-awake body for an eternity and wiped the cobwebs from my eyes. My first impulse was to sit in front of my laptop but I brushed the thought aside and asked myself what I really wanted to do this morning.

As if on cue, I languidly arose from the bed and tiptoed towards the kitchen. I can feel the coldness of the kitchen floor under my bare feet and remembered how my mornings used to start like this once upon a time back home in the Philippines. I eagerly made me a cup of coffee and went to the veranda. If it were not for the warmth of the coffee cupped in my hands, I would have been shaking uncontrollably when the morning breeze embraced me sharply.

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48 years in the making

mini-me.jpgSometimes, blogging can be a pain in the ass. I mean, why are there people out there telling you what to blog about?! Like if you talk about yourself they tell you that you are as boring and dumb as hell. Honey, why then are you lingering in my page allowing my narcissistic thoughts to bore you to death? Is it because you just hate to admit that my hump is a triple tad more interesting than your sorry ass?! C’mon, stop the crap. If you don’t like my train of thoughts, get out of here. It’s as simple as that.

Anyway, I am really not this crabby. I am one of those “lil miss sunshine” who will pull a muscle if she frowns. So, let’s get on with my boring and dull as hell thoughts.

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